Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 10: Lou Glazer from Michigan Future, Inc. on Moving Michigan Into the 21st Century Economy

This week’s Left of Lansing podcast is posted! Yay!

This week, I begin talking about how Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and her Democratic Party allies in the legislature, are trying to move Michigan into the future.

She has proposed a budget that doesn’t rely on the tired and tried failed business tax-cut and crony capitalism policies of the past. She’s attempting to REINVEST in Michigan’s education, infrastructure. Cutting taxes hasn’t fixed Michigan. In fact, it’s getting worse.

Lou Glazer, co-founder and President of the think tank Michigan Future, Inc. joins me to further discuss how Michigan got stuck enacting broken policy after broken policy, and how Whitmer and Democrats are slowly trying to change that trajectory by adopting some bold proposals.

Please, click here to read Glazer’s The Bridge Magazine article we discuss in the interview. It’s a great read.

I then discuss how progressive ideas are popular in Michigan because they’re common sense ideas. That includes how the progressive idea of classifying 17 year olds as minors in our court system is sweeping through the legislature!

And I share the big news of the week that a federal appeals court ruled that Michigan must redraw its legislative districts by the 2020 election due to gross Republican gerrymandering!

You see, when we fight, we can win. Take the battle to them!


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