Episode 70: The Rich Are O.K With Fascism

Here’s episode 70 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Please vote on this week’s poll question: Polls show President Biden’s losing to Donald Trump in Michigan. How do you feel about these numbers less than 10 months from Election Day?

On this week’s episode, I cover how Democrats across the country have been given a beautiful chance to show why they’re on the side of workers, and how and why Republicans are always on the side of the rich and the connected. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon this week complained how he believes Democrats are just mean to Trump’s Christian Nationalist MAGA movement. Dimon then said Trump was right on so many different issues. This again proves that the rich, elite, corporate class is o.k. with a little fascism, just as long as they receive tax cuts and other benefits from the government. And they know they’ll get that with Trump.

My “Last Call” follows up on the worries I voiced last week over numerous polls showing President Biden losing to Donald Trump in the state of Michigan. I read an email from a listener who agrees with my premise that Democrats, and all progressives, must do a better job at messaging.

And I close with another Detroit Lions playoff prediction!

Take the battle to them!

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