Left Of Lansing Friday Short: MI Dems’ Clean Energy Bills Imperfect, But an Important Step

Listen to my LoL “Friday Short” on while the Michigan Democrats’ clean energy bills are indeed imperfect, they mark an important step towards much-needed changes in the state’s energy and economic future.

Yes, the bills fall short in many areas, like considering natural gas “clean energy,” and ignoring environmental justice provisions to help those in low-income areas affected the most by years of polluted fossil fuels.

But they do bridge the gap between unions and environmentalists, and that could pay dividends for years to come.





Opinion  How Gretchen Whitmer is quietly solving a big problem for Democrats.” By Greg Sargent of The Washington Post

Michigan Senate advances clean energy legislation amid fierce opposition from Republicans.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 63 featuring Roshan Krishnan of The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition.

Photo: “Wind turbines in Tuscola County Michigan (8473)” by varnent is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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