Episode 83: Salon’s Amanda Marcotte on Fascism & The Christian Nationalist Movement

Here’s episode 83 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Salon columnist Amanda Marcotte spends a few minutes talking with Pat about the Christian Nationalist Movement, and its ultimate goal of not just getting Dear Leader Trump back into power, but of ending religious freedom for all. Ms. Marcotte’s written extensively on how Christian Nationalists are trying to defund public schools, public libraries, attacking the nation’s democratic institutions, attacking abortion rights and women’s health care, and also how this movement really is trying to end religious liberty in this country. And they’ll do it through violence if need be.

Salon columnist Amanda Marcotte

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The opening segment discusses how Dear Leader is once again visiting Michigan next week, but it doesn’t appear he’ll show his supposed support for union workers by speaking at a non-union business this time! No, he’s a bit lazy this time as he’ll speak at a Saginaw airplane hanger. But regardless of what he does, his White Christian Nationalists will back him because they see him as their best chance to enact their hateful agenda.

The “Last Call” shows once again how Michigan Republicans just can’t let go of their anger and disdain for union workers. They’re calling for a restoration of Right To Work For Less after Democrats repealed that destructive law last year. Combine that with the UAW victories against the Big Three Detroit automakers last Fall, and the stunning UAW win at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee, workers are beginning to make some significant strides against management.

The pendulum is turning in the favor of workers , and Republicans will do whatever it takes to thwart that progress.

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Photo: “american motocross” by BruceTurner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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