Building a Blue Foundation in the Upper Peninsula w/ Kelli van Ginhoven

Here’s Episode 84 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

One reason I started this venture is that I wanted to help show the importance of local and state politics. For sure, progressives have made some outstanding strides in terms of state politics with Democrats taking the state trifecta last year for the first time in four decades! But on the local political side, the right-wing has enjoyed some victories on that side. However, that appears to be changing, though, because we’ve got some big time local recalls happening in different parts of Michigan next week!

There’s a recall election happening where an extreme right-wing Ottawa Impact commissioner on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is facing a challenger on May 7th. And in Upper Peninsula’s Delta County, the people were able to get recall elections in place for three right-wing county commissioners. Those elections also take place on May 7th. One of those challengers returns on the podcast to talk about race. Kelli Van Ginhoven is taking-on Delta Co. Chair David Moyle in her bid to help defeat the MAGA majority. Please, click here to help Kelli in her fight to move Delta County forward.

Kelli’s also the co-founder of Delta County Citizens For Ethical Leadership

Kelli van Ginhoven–District 4 Democratic candidate for the Delta County Commission. Photo courtesy of Kelli van Ginhoven

Local politics matter, and people like Kelli are helping put the cornerstone on a movement for sanity and problem-solving in our local governments. This is the best way to help build a true Blue foundation in many Republican areas across the state.

My opening monologue not only tackles the importance of local elections across our state, but I also highlight a great Michigan Advance article on how “Florida” Mike Rogers still doesn’t have a real residence here in the state as he continues running for the Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat on the Republican side! How can a guy running for a statewide office not have a real house in said state?

My Last Call is about my visit to Detroit for the NFL Draft. Detroit is making quite the turnaround, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Mayor Mike Duggan deserve to take some credit because what a difference a decade can make! Yet, there’s still so much more work to be done downtown, including a much-needed transit upgrade!

Pat stands in front of Joe Lewis fist during 2024 NFL Draft Weekend. Photo by Steve Johnston, Sr.

Yes, that’s me wearing my Steelers garb! The Detroit Lions are my second favorite team, but I was brainwashed to be a Steelers fan by my western Pennsylvania family!

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Click here to donate to Kelli VanGinhoven’s campaign to win the District 4 Delta County Commission recall race on May 7, 2024.

Delta County Citizens for Ethical Leadership

Delta County recall candidates answer questions from public.” By Barbara Bellinger of WLUC, TV6

Extreme language featured in a recent Delta County Board of Commissioners meeting. (Thanks to Dana VanEffin for posting the video on X.

Delta County woman declares candidacy for Michigan’s 108th District.” By Lily Simmons of WZMQ in Marquette, MI

Here’s what’s on the ballot in Ottawa County for the May 7, 2024 election.” By WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids

Candidates hope to unseat commissioners in Delta County.” By Barbara Bellinger of WLUC, TV6

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer appearance at the NFL Draft in Detroit, MI:

A new house is being built for Mr. Rogers in his not-yet-neighborhood.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Where is Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood?” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

“Trump endorses Rogers in Michigan GOP Senate race.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Susan J. Demas: Has Michigan bounced back?” By Susan J. Demas of Michigan Advance

Detroit deserves a great transit system. Our region needs the will to build it. | Opinion” By Jeff Wattrick of The Detroit Free Press

Campaign finance complaint filed against Michigan anti-renewable dark money group.” By Brian Allnutt of Planet Detroit

“County Road I-39 Rapid River bridge, Delta County, Michigan. Built 1916” by Yooperann is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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