Episode 64: Pro-Publica’s Anna Clark on Eliminating Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law.

Here’s episode 64 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast! It’s great to have author and Pro-Publica reporter Anna Clark back on Left of Lansing this week. Anna’s written an insightful article on Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law, which allows state government to erase democracy by completely taking-over financially-strapped cities. Anna highlights how despite Michiganders voting to eliminate…

Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 9–In Defense of AG Dana Nessel; Interview with Erin Roberts from MCEDSV on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Here’s this week’s Left of Lansing Podcast! In this episode, I give a defense for Michigan’s passionate progressive attorney general, Dana Nessel. She’s got the conservative wing going insane with insane threats of impeachment! Why? All because she’s doing her job by protecting the Constitutional rights of ALL Michiganders. And I ask Republican state Rep….