Episode 79: Michigan Future, Inc. CEO Lou Glazer on why it’s time for transformational change in Michigan

Here’s Episode 79 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Michigan has tried 40 years of right-wing Republican rule, filled with failed economic and social theories. That’s led to an exodus of people leaving the state through the years for states with better jobs, improved infrastructure, effective investments in education, and accessible transit. Like most states in Big Ten country, Michigan chose to compete with the other states for jobs by offering tax breaks and incentives for corporations to set-up shop here. Meanwhile, we’ve struggled to attract certain businesses due to a decreasing job talent bank, and due to our lacking infrastructure improvements needed to move Michigan into the future.

We’re excited to bring back Lou Glazer, President and co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc, on this week’s episode. Michigan Future is a nonprofit organization that’s been working on finding solutions to help Michigan succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy. As Lou states in the interview, it’s time for Michigan lawmakers to finally set-aside the 1979 mindset that manufacturing jobs alone is going to save the state. We need more investments in so many different areas to attract, and keep, Generation Z here in the state. Or else, we’ll keep experiencing a declining population, along with a declining tax base.

Lou Glazer, President & co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc.

Pat’s opening monologue this week deals with the tragic bridge collapse in Baltimore, MD, and how that catastrophe only led to right-wing bloviators blaming, you guessed it… DEI! Because when in doubt, you can always count on the right wing to use racism to verify their belief system. Now, six workers died in that accident, and those workers were all migrant workers, who were trying to earn a buck while helping America. Will Donald Trump visit their families? No. Instead he’s arriving in Grand Rapids next week to exploit the death of a Michigan woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant. Apparently, the two knew each other and had some kind of a relationship. But rather than focus on domestic violence, toxic masculinity, or gun violence, Trump is going to stoke the anger of many on the right wing. And Michigan Republican Party members can’t wait to join him in that hate fest.

Pat’s “Last Call” deals with how many corporations pay less in taxes than they pay in CEO pay! That’s got to end, but Trump and the Michigan Republican Party want that trend to continue!

And Pat ends the show with his annual Detroit Tigers prediction! Go, Get ’em, Tigers!


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Michigan Future, Inc.

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Photo: “Michigan State Capitol” by the.laus is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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