Friday Short: The Maddocks are an embarrassment to Michigan

Here’s this week’s LoL “Friday Short” on this March 29, 2024

Time for the LoL “Friday Short” on this March 29, 2024

Michigan Republican State Rep. Matt Maddock baselessly claimed on “X” that buses at Detroit Metro Airport were filled with “illegal invaders!” The only problem with such a claim? The people in those buses were members of the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Team, which is playing in the Sweet 16 of the men’s college tournament in Detroit this weekend. 

Maddock refuses to admit his lie, and has doubled and tripled-down on the lie. 

He and his wife attended a rally at the January 6th insurrection, and Meshawn Maddock is one of the 16 indicted Republican officials who tried to overturn the election for Donald Trump in 2020.

And these are the people Rick Snyder and his friends in the donor class want back in power in the state House next year!

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Michigan state Rep. Maddock blasted for falsely calling Gonzaga University’s team bus ‘illegal invaders.’” By Richard Eberwein of Heartland Signal

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