Episode 80: Michigan Republicans Shill For Fascism in Grand Rapids

Here’s Episode 80 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Pat’s got a lot to say this week, and that’s why it’s a solo show.

Pat takes the Michigan Republicans to task, and the handful of right-wing Michigan sheriffs, who stood on stage with Donald Trump this week in Grand Rapids. Trump showed-up in our state to exploit the death of Ruby Garcia, who was shot and killed by someone she knew. The alleged killer is an illegal immigrant, and that’s all Trump wanted to focus on. No, he didn’t address domestic violence, which is exactly what this is! No, he didn’t address gun violence. And even though Trump said he talked with the victim’s family, the family said he didn’t talk to any family member! Plus, Trump didn’t want to remind everyone how he torpedoed the Republican immigration bill in D.C.! It was about stoking anger and fear to his base while offering NO solutions. 

And shame on all of those sheriffs for being part of this political rally, filled with racism and lies. 

In the “Last Call,” Pat takes a Lansing columnist to task for declaring that abortion rights won’t be a key issue in the 2024 election.

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Many of Trump’s claims about the border immigration and crime don’t stack up.” By Todd Spangler of The Detroit Free Press

Family of woman found dead on highway angered by Trump’s speech.” By Ken Kolker of Wood TV in Grand Rapids

Trump attacks Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer while in Grand Rapids (Thanks to Aaron Rupar)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s response to Trump on CNN (Thanks to ACYN).

Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Trump’s “existential dread” talk.

Slain cop’s politicized wake is a warning.” By Will Bunch Newsletter in the Philadelphia Enquirer

Visit Extreme Michigan on X to view various posts on all of those right wing Michigan sheriffs, who stood on stage with Trump in Grand Rapids.

The Comstock Act Is a Backdoor Approach to a National Abortion Ban—And Justices Alito and Thomas Are Interested.” By Shoshanna Erlich of Ms.

Whitmer signs surrogacy bills, calls them the ‘most pro-family thing that the Legislature has done.’” By Ken Coleman of Michigan Advance

John Sinclair, Detroit poet, cannabis activist and counterculture icon, dead at 82.” By Bill McGraw of The Detroit Free Press

Republicans in driver’s seat to regain the state House.” By Kyle Melinn of The Lansing City Pulse

Dems are getting nervous about 2022 — for good reason.” By Kyle Melinn of The Lansing City Pulse 

Chris Savage from Eclectablog, and his reason for voting for Biden in ’24.

Photo “american motocross” by BruceTurner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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