Episode 81: Don’t Believe the Hype on Corporate Subsidies w/ Bridge Magazine’s Paula Gardner

Here’s Episode 81 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

On this week’s episode, Pat talks about “Florida” Mike Rogers’ audacity to run for Michigan’s open Senate seat this Fall even though he hasn’t lived in this state for years (because he wanted to make lobbying cash), and he’s registered to vote in both Florida and Michigan! How can a guy, who didn’t even know about the abortion rights proposal, which passed in 2022, portray himself as a true Michigander? Pat would like to know.

Pat also congratulates friend of the podcast, Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia, on her hard work passing a law which allows Michiganders ages 16-to-17-and-a-half years old to pre-register to vote. That law is in effect, and now, those Michiganders can pre-register by going online using a driver’s license or state ID, or they can pre-register in-person by visiting their local clerk’s office. Again, Democrats work to engage more people to take part in our democracy, and to make voting more accessible. 

Then, Pat talks with Bridge Michigan business editor Paula Gardner on how corporate subsidies aren’t working as promised here in the state. Ms. Gardner’s fantastic investigative work into the state’s corporate subsidy programs, and how these programs are leading to low-paying jobs, is a must-read. It’s proving what many of us worry about when it comes to these “incentives.” They aren’t giving us the best results. 

Paula Gardner of Bridge Michigan

In the “Last Call,” Pat once again says the Arizona State Supreme Court’s decision to rule a near-complete abortion ban law from 1864 as constitutional shows how abortion will remain a top issue in this Fall’s election. Many “Very Serious People” in Lansing, and in D.C., keep telling us that abortion is so 2022, but you know better!

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Photo: “Michigan State Capitol” by the.laus is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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