Friday Short: Making Michigan Charter Schools Accountable Is Long Overdue

Here’s this week’s LoL “Friday Short” for this April 12, 2024.

The Michigan Board of Education passed a resolution this week asking the Democratic majority in the state legislature to pass laws requiring more transparency and accountability when it comes to charter schools.

For years, charter schools haven’t had to play by the same rules as public schools when it comes to accountability, even though charter schools receive taxpayer money!

This resolution is a start of a movement that should’ve started long ago, and let’s hope Michigan Democrats indeed pass legislation holding these institutions to the same standards as we hold our public schools.

But school choicers don’t want that kind of accountability because it’ll hurt their ultimate goal: defunding public schools!

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State Board of Education resolution seeks greater transparency of Michigan’s charter schools.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance.

Michigan: State Board Passes Resolution To Put Charter Schools Under Same Rules As Public Schools.Diane Ravitch’s blog.

Michigan spends $1B on charter schools but fails to hold them accountable.” By Jennifer Dixon of The Detroit Free Press

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