Episode 82: Transforming the Social Contract with Rx Kids in Flint

Here’s Episode 82 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

It’s another week.

That means it’s another episode of the Republican Crime Syndicate!

Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel announced several charges against former Michigan Republican state House Speaker Lee Chatfield, and his wife, Stephanie, for operating a criminal enterprise! Just like Chatfield’s hero, Dear Leader Trump, he will soon find himself in a courtroom. And Chatfield also finds himself following in the footsteps of fellow Republican state House Speaker, Rick Johnson!

This is the Law & Order party?

But while some policymakers work on finding ways to enrich themselves, there are many Michiganders working hard to enrich the lives of others.

One good example is the Rx Kids program in Flint, which provides a no-strings attached cash allowances to mothers and their babies. Other countries have provided similar programs, and experienced success with fewer premature births, improved cognitive development for infants, and more. The program is a mix of public and private funds, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer is providing more money as part of her 2025 budget proposal. It’s about transforming the social contract to expand opportunities for hard-working Michiganders.

Dr. H. Luke Shaefer is the co-director of the Rx Kids program. Dr. Shaefer is a professor of social justice, social policy and public policy at the University of Michigan, and he gives us insight into Rx Kids, and what it ultimately hopes to achieve.

Dr. H. Luke Shaefer

And the “Last Call” applauds the Rx Kids program in Flint, and how we hope the program expands to other areas of the state of Michigan. It’s a pro-family initiative, and it’s a common sense initiative!

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Rx Kids – Flint Program

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s announcement of charges against Lee Chatfield.

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