Friday Short: Investing in People Really Works! April 19, 2024

Here’s this week’s LoL Friday Short for this April 19, 2024

There’s hope new legislation could be introduced in Lansing called The Working Parents Tax Credit. If passed, it could help around 250,000 Michigan kids in just one year.

Supporters say this tax credit would incentivize work, and reward working families, and recent polling shows widespread support for this proposal.

However, as we saw with the federal child tax credit in 2021, not only did the program cut child poverty in half, but unemployment dropped to record lows.

That’s why the Rx Kids Flint program is something to watch when it comes to investing in our kids’ futures.

It makes more sense investing in people rather than just handing-out millions upon millions of dollars in corporate subsidies, or slashing taxes for the rich, don’t you think?

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Listen below for my interview with Dr. H. Luke Shaefer, co-director of Rx Kids in Flint on this week’s episode of the Left of Lansing podcast! It begins around the 11:00 mark, but please, listen to the entire episode!

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