Episode 73: Right Wing Tries To Repeal Law Allowing Renewable Energy Projects On Family Farms

Here’s Episode 73 of Michigan’s Premier, Progressive Podcast!

As we’ve covered on the show, Michigan Democrats passed a rather robust package of clean energy bills last year. Many of those laws will go into effect later this year, including the 100% clean energy standard by 2040, energy efficient programs, increases in the state’s energy reduction program, and removing the power of local governments to block large clean energy projects and placing that power in the Michigan Public Service Commission. Many right-wing local governments, driven by misinformation and fear, have rejected plan-after-plan to allow wind turbines or solar farms in their areas. This not only hurts the state’s abilities to march towards a cleaner and more efficient energy program of the future (not to mention blocking thousands of green energy jobs), but it hurts family farmers who would allow their lands to be used for these projects.

Montcalm County farmer, and Chair of Patriots for Montcalm, Dick Farnsworth joins me this week to talk about why he and so many other farmers not only want to be part of these projects, but also how these projects will help combat climate change and help them keep their land! Michigan Democrats made that happen while Republicans tried to block it. However, right wing forces, backed by some big money from the fossil fuel industry, have started an effort to repeal this law by collecting signatures so they can put it on this November’s ballot. Mr. Farnsworth and I discuss how he and others are trying to fight back to combat climate change, and save family farms

I open-up the show by talking about how Democrats have been given a great opportunity here in Michigan to show how the many policies they passed are helping hard-working Michiganders. By effectively communicating their achievements, Democrats will help President Biden’s chances in this state.

I close by giving my take on Jon Stewart’s return to The Daily Show, and why I think we as progressives can’t be so thinned-skin when he and other comedians make fun of our side. However, that still doesn’t mean Stewart’s takes are iron-clad, as I discuss.

Take the battle to them!

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Photo of Breckenridge Wind Farm by Pat Johnston

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