Friday Short: Josh Shriver’s Radicalism (and Racism) Is What America’s Right Wing Is All About

Here’s this week’s Left of Lansing “Friday Short.”

Michigan Republican State Representative Jason Shriver was stripped of his committee assignments, and of his staff, after retweeting a racist tweet on the “Great Replacement Theory,” which pervades the radical, right wing world.

Naturally, Shriver’s got his online defenders, but also defenders within the Michigan Republican Party. But make no mistake, Republicans court and depend on voters to believe in this misinformation and propaganda. They want Michigan to become Putin’s Russia.

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House adopts resolution condemning Schriver’s tweets, as Black lawmakers speak out against hate.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Speaker Tate strips Schriver of staff, funds and committee post over ‘racist rhetoric.’” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Explainer: ‘White Replacement Theory’ fuels racist attacks.” By David Bauder of The Associated Press

Republican State Rep. Jim DeSanta tweet supporting Rep. Shriver’s racism.

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