Left of Lansing–Episode 27–Dave Wagner from Indivisible Michigan–3/1/2020

Another brand new episode of The Left of Lansing Podcast is posted! This week, Dave Wagner from the Indivisible Michigan joins the podcast. Indivisible Michigan is fighting to turn Michigan’s state legislature not only blue, but deep progressive blue as it highlights candidates with progressive spines. We talk about how Indivisible started, how it’s changing…

Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 9–In Defense of AG Dana Nessel; Interview with Erin Roberts from MCEDSV on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Here’s this week’s Left of Lansing Podcast! In this episode, I give a defense for Michigan’s passionate progressive attorney general, Dana Nessel. She’s got the conservative wing going insane with insane threats of impeachment! Why? All because she’s doing her job by protecting the Constitutional rights of ALL Michiganders. And I ask Republican state Rep….