This Is What I’m Talking About!

New York Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman did exactly what I implored all Democrats to do to Republicans in the gun debate:

Do you know why this is the right strategy?

When right-wingers are clutching their pearls, calling for decorum, that’s when I know Democrats are winning.

These are the people who voted for, and celebrated, Trump. Did they support Trump for his expertise in tact and decorum?

Spare us!

Bowman is a former teacher and principal, and he’s showing national Democrats how to engage Republicans in this fight. I loved how Steny Hoyer of the old Democratic guard tried to intervene, but realized his attempts were futile. In fact, Hoyer illustrates the old way where Democrats usually got steamrolled by Republicans time-and-time again. Bowman represents the new progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which actually fights back against Republicans.

What’s even more telling is how Republican Thomas Massie backed down when he had zero response to Bowman’s question on if Massie ever worked in a school. Massie’s the same clown who tweeted a pic of his family holding firearms in front of the Christmas just a few days after the Oxford school shooting. The pic had the caption: Merry Christmas. P.S. Santa, please bring ammo.”

But sure, we’re supposed to show decorum to people like that!

These past midterms showed how anger drove-up Democratic voter turnout, especially in Michigan where younger voters and women voted in higher numbers. If Democrats show they are willing to fight for their constituents, and their constituents’ kids, they will be rewarded at the ballot box.

Maybe, if they fight hard, like Michigan Democrats are doing as they took over the entire state legislature in 2022, Democrats can take back control of Congress in ’24.

Congressman Bowman seems to get it.


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