Let’s Push For A Graduated Income Tax In Michigan!

It’s obvious the Michigan Chamber of Commerce isn’t pushing for any real, meaningful change when it comes to reinvesting in Michigan.

The right wing leadership in the state legislature believes in shifting money from one spot to another, hoping to fool Michiganders.

After the disastrous Rick Snyder years, Michiganders want to reverse that trend. But they aren’t willing to do it alone.

They are asking those who’ve benefitted through years of right-wing economic policies to step-up, and have some skin in the game.

And while Governor Whitmer’s 45-cent gas tax was never going to be popular, let alone implemented, it would’ve been nice for Michigan Democrats to at least explain why we need to somehow, someway increase revenue in the state.

I mean, a trio of strong Democrats did introduce a bill last Spring calling for a graduated income tax, which they say would raise $2.5 billion annually.

This is the way to go. And it’s a popular idea!

Recent polling shows over 70% of Michiganders support a graduated tax, and over 50% support repealing the corporate tax cuts instituted during the Snyder administration.

Michigan is only one of eight states that are using the failed flat-tax model pushed by the elites so they pay less in taxes compared to average workers.

While voters rejected a graduated tax plan back when I was born in 1976, we’ve reached a new age when millions upon millions of Americans have experienced the harsh realities of Reaganomics.

Oh, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is against such a graduated income tax.

You don’t say!

That’s enough for me! Let’s pass a graduated income tax.

And if the right-wing Republican state legislature won’t bring it up for a vote, then it’s time we push for a ballot initiative. Besides, thanks to Republican gerrymandering, the only way to get true progressive policies to become law is through the ballot initiative process.

How do you think we ended gerrymandering in Michigan?


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