Friday Short: Rep. Dylan Wegela Wants To Stop DTE & Consumers Energy Dark Money In Lansing

My Friday Left of Lansing Short is on Democratic State Representative Dylan Wegela’s efforts on stopping the dark money influence DTE and Consumers Energy uses in Lansing.

Rep. Wegela outlined how he intends to do that by introducing a bill preventing DTE and Consumers Energy from using dark money PAC’s, which will help ensure that our politicians put their constituents’ concerns over the concerns of these utilities which are struggling to provide reliable and affordable energy.

Let’s hope every progressive in Lansing joins Rep. Wegela’s fight!



I won’t take contributions from DTE, Consumers. Michigan politicians shouldn’t, either. | Opinion” By Democratic State Rep. Dylan Wegela in The Detroit Free Press

Lawmakers revive bipartisan community solar efforts as Dems work toward clean energy goals.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Michigan reps to DTE Energy CEO: Why do you deserve $10M in pay?” By Janelle D. James of The Bridge Magazine

Photo courtesy of State Rep. Dylan Wegela’s office

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