Left Of Lansing Short–How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Is Helping St. Louis, MI Turn The Page

Here’s this week’s Left of Lansing “Short.”

President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill his helping accelerate the cleanup at the Superfund Site along the Pine River in St. Louis.

This is a big deal for the people who’ve had to live with the toxic disaster left by the old Velsicol Chemical Corporation plant, which was part of the 1973 PBB disaster, and which also left behind DDT in the soil. The Pine River has suffered as well, as people can’t eat the fish there due to contamination.

But President Biden and the Democrats passed to Infrastructure Bill back in 2021, which is actually helping people, including those in St. Louis, MI. For some reason, my congressman, Republican John Moolenaar, voted against the bill.

Democrats should come up here to St. Louis and illustrate how they are actually helping people!


Photo of Pine River in Alma, MI, 2022. By Pat Johnston

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