LOL Friday Short: No Justice In Flint Water Crisis

My Left of Lansing “Friday Short” covers a sad ending to the Flint Water Crisis, in which not one public official will face prosecution for their role in one of the greatest man-made disasters the state of Michigan, and the country, has ever experienced.

Former Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder won’t have to face any kind of punishment for the crisis he and his administration caused. Meanwhile, as Allen Overton, pastor of Flint’s Christ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church told Bridge Magazine: “Injustice, in this community, has been the norm,” “This just continues to show us that this legal system that we call justice is not really justice at all.”

Nothing could be more true.

People like Rick Snyder can walk between the raindrops, untouched by the same justice we must follow.

It’s a tragic ending to a tragic story he and his people caused.


No convictions for Flint: Attorney general ends water crisis prosecutions.” By Kelly House of The Bridge Magazine

Expert says Flint water plant was broken down like ‘grandma’s Chevy.’” By Rob Fonger of

The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy.” By Anna Clark

Listen to my interview with Anna Clark from 2019. The interview begins around the 10:30 mark:

Photo: “20161004-FNS-LSC-0039” by USDAgov is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

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