Left of Lansing’s “Monday Musings.” MI Democrats’ plan to stop local MAGA governments from blocking clean energy farms

Listen to my inaugural Left of Lansing “Monday Musings!”

I talk about how local Maga governments throughout Michigan are fighting against solar and wind farms in their areas. Democrats have proposed one solution to remedy this problem: put the state in control of large scale clean energy projects, which overrides a local government’s powers.

Democrats want to put the power of allowing farmers and developers the right to take part in large-scale solar and wind projects into the hands of the Michigan Public Service Commission. Local governments would still have power over small-scale clean energy projects.

The right wing argues these decisions should remain in the hands of local communities. However, Michigan Republicans don’t have the best record when it comes to supporting local communities.

And, we’re trying to move Michigan into the clean and affordable clean energy future. We don’t have time to wait any longer.

Get this done, Democrats!





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