Left of Lansing Short: State House Democrat Might Stop The Reproductive Health Act

This week’s Left of Lansing Short deals with how Democratic State House Rep. Karen Whitsett from the 4th district in Detroit not only voted against the Reproductive Health Act in House Health Policy Committee this week, but she’s signaling she’s vote against the RHA when it comes to a vote on the House floor! And with Democrats holding a narrow lead in the House, that would very well defeat the bill.

To hear an even more lenghty discussion of the bill, please listen to to Episode 53 with Ashlea Phenicie, VP of Communications and Interim VP of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan.

It’s one thing for MAGA Christian Nationalist Republicans to vote to push women’s health and economic rights back to the 19th Century. But it’s a betrayal when a so-called “Democrat” joins in that effort.


Photo by Pat Johnston


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