Rebalancing The Scales w/ Democratic Congressional Candidate Dr. Bob Lorinser

Here’s episode 87 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Dr. Bob Lorinser is running to become the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 1st congressional district, comprising of northern Michigan, and the entire U.P. He is trying to challenge Republican Congressman Jack Bergman for the second straight time after losing to Bergman in ’22. But Dr. Lorinser believes this time around, he won’t only challenge Bergman, but he believes he’ll win thanks to the experiences of his previous run and also due to name recognition. Dr. Lorinser explains how he’ll be a true representative for the district because not only does he want to improve the lives of people, but he actually LIVES in the district, unlike Bergman. He also talks about how he’ll fight to rebalance the scales once he arrives in Washington D.C., by focusing on expanded health care access, education, and a living wage.

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Pat celebrates Democrat Kelli van Ginhoven finally getting to take the seat she won in the recall races for the Delta County Commission. And he also takes a look at Republican Congressman Jack Bergman’s extreme right-wing agenda, and how he’s there to only serve the rich corporate donor base, and the radical Christian Nationalist movement inside the Republican Party.

The “Last Call” implores Democrats to be on the right side of history when it comes the atrocities happening in Gaza. Right-wing Republicans are aligning themselves with Israel’s right-wing government. Democrats are making a costly error if they continue to align with the Netanyahu government, and we’re seeing some Michigan congressional Democrats are facing primary challenges due to this disastrous stance.

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Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress website

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Distill Social video asking for Congressman Jack Bergman’s stance on a national abortion ban

Delta County canvassers switch gears, vote to certify recall election results.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

After initial deadlock, Delta County board votes to certify recall election results.” By Arpan Lobo of The Detroit Free Press

Video of new Delta County Commissioner Kelli van Ginhoven taking her oath of office (courtesy of Dana VanEffin)

The 2017 Trump Tax Law Was Skewed to the Rich, Expensive, and Failed to Deliver on Its Promises.” By Chuck Marr, Samantha Jacoby, and George Fenton in Center On Budget and Policy Priorities

Many remember solid economy under Trump, but his record also full of hype, debt.” By Josh Boak of The Associated Press (courtesy of ABC News)

Photo courtesy “Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress.”

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