Monday Musings: Trump’s Disgusting “Human Scum” Memorial Day Message

Here’s the Left of Lansing “Monday Musings” for May 27th, 2024.

On this Memorial Day, Dear Leader Trump sent-out this message on his Truth Social account:

His message didn’t mention anything about remembering those who sacrificed their lives for this country. Dear Leader’s message made it all about him, but it’s not surprising considering his views on those who died in wars. And it’s not surprising considering how “bone spurs” prevented him from fighting in Vietnam.

It says a lot about this country that after this guy was found liable for sexual abuse, and then caught for lying to banks on his net worth, he not only became president, but he very well could be president again.

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Fact-checking Trump’s claims about New York fraud trial.” By Nada Tawfik of the BBC.

Trump says he has nearly $500 million in cash but doesn’t want to use it to pay New York judgment.” By Michael R. Sisak of The Associated Press

Trump did call fallen soldiers “losers,” his former chief of staff says.” By Jacob Knutson of Atrios

Photo by Pat Johnston (2024)

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