Billionaires Could Fight Back, But They Consider Higher Taxes Worse Than Authoritarianism

Paul Krugman posted this interesting thread today:

A thinking, logical person knows how Trump made obvious attempts to extort and bribe Ukraine. I have admit, though, I didn’t give Krugman’s assertions any thought.

I wondered why “Tim Apple” didn’t correct The Occupant, but now it makes sense.

As Krugman astutely notes, the administration is using tariff “exclusions” for whichever corporations it deems deserve it. There’s no other reason why the exclusions are handed-out on The Occupant’s whims.

It’s not solid economic policy, for sure, but maybe this helps explain why billionaires and corporations are conspicuously sitting in the corner while America’s tearing apart at the seams.

That’s how much the billionaire class cares more about tax cuts than it does our democracy.

Oh, where is the Tea Party when you need them?


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