Left of Lansing Short–Newsrooms must have freedom to report news

It’s time for a Left of Lansing “Short” for this Friday, June 16, 2023.

Wood-TV in Grand Rapids became the news this week when a leaked internal memo showed how its assistant news director ordered reporters to do fewer LGBTQ+ stories during the rest of PRIDE month.

But because those stories didn’t sit well with some of the station’s snowflake right wing audience, reporters were told to lighten-up on the amount of stories related to LGBTQ+ events in the Grand Rapids area.

This is the goal of the right wing: stifle free speech, expression, and the freedom of the press to report the actual news.



Michigan TV news director orders reporters to curb LGBT-focused stories.” By Matthew Keys of thedesk.net

WOOD-TV asks reporters to tone down Pride Month coverage because of conservative viewers.” By Lee DeVito of The Detroit Metro Times

Michigan Advance’s Susan J. Demas tweet

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