Friday Left of Lansing Short: Let Michigan Join Winner-Take-All National Vote Compact

It’s the Friday Left of Lansing Short!

I discuss my support to have Michigan join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

This would allow states to award their electoral college votes to the presidential candidate who won the national majority vote. Right now, states allocate their electoral college votes to the candidate who won their state.

Democratic State Representative Carrie Rheingans talked about why she’s leading this effort with HB 4156 on this week’s Left of Lansing podcast. Please, listen to the episode as we discuss this topic, and many others, in greater detail.

She argues by joining this compact, more people will feel engaged, and that includes here in Michigan as candidates in the past have stayed away if they believed they had zero chance at winning.

It would give us a better system than the current broken and antiquated system, and it would finally allow the majority of voters to have a say on who should lead the country.



Michigan could join states in the national popular vote compact. So what would that mean?” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

About electing and appointing Senators.” By The United States Senate

It’s official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote.” By Gregory Kreig of CNN

Photo: “1959 Conoco Touraide Road Atlas” by Jasperdo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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