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Here’s Episode 85 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

They did it!

Delta County voters sent pink slips to three extreme Christian Nationalist MAGA county commissioners in recall races this week! This is an area that’s recently turned from blue to red, which is why that extreme brand of right-wing politics gained a hold of the county board. But after just one year in power, the people rejected that kind of extremism in their community, and voted for all three recall challengers this week, including good friend of the podcast, Democrat Kelli Van Ginhoven!

Congrats, Kelli!

But there was another major victory which is equally sending shockwaves across the state of Michigan. 

Right-wing Christian Nationalist Lucy Ebel lost her seat in humiliating fashion to Democrat Christian Kleinjans in the Second District of the Ottawa County Board! It was a shot across the bow of the right-wing Ottawa Impact majority, which, like the MAGA majority on the Delta board, created nothing but cruelty and chaos on their community. And like the recall effort in Delta County, it took devoted people to get the recall effort started. 

Joe Spaulding, who has tons of experience in grassroots politics, played a key role in getting Lucy Ebel recalled. He joins us to talk about this victory, and why he believes this could serve as a harbinger of things to come this November.

Ottawa County Progressive Joe Spaulding. Photo courtesy Joe Spaulding

Finally, the “Last Call” focuses on how Michigan Senate Democrats passed a bill expanding the state’s prevailing wage to include clean energy projects. Once again, Michigan Democrats are showing how they value workers and the state’s economic future.

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Photo: “Voting booths inside Combined Polling Place Zion Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Minnesota on Election Day (53317086671)” by Lorie Shaull from St Paul, United States is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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