Podcast Ep. 90: Paid Family Leave & How To Even The Playing Field w/ Danielle Atkinson of Mothering Justice

It’s Episode 90 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

On this week’s show, Pat speaks with Danielle Atkinson, executive director and founder of Mothering Justice, which is an organization working to empower mothers of color through public policy. Mothering Justice is part of a coalition demanding the Democratic majority in the Michigan legislature to vote on paid family leave bills–bills that have yet to receive a hearing even though they were introduced last year! This is a beautiful chance for Democrats to demonstrate how they truly care about the working class, not to mention how passing paid family leave would help them retain their slim majority in Lansing!

Danielle Atkinson. Executive Director and Founder of Mothering Justice. Photo Courtesy of Mothering Justice

Before Danielle joins this week’s show, Pat spends the first segment talking about the continued improving economy, and why Biden and the Democrats should celebrate the good news of cooling inflation and corporations scaling-back on their rampant greedflation. It’s not to say the economy is perfect. It’s not, and millions of working people need help and are feeling squeezed, which is why a paid family leave bill would help even the playing field in Michigan. However, with cooling inflation and greedflation, and low unemployment, Democrats must remind voters how they once again saved the country from another failed MAGA Republican administration.

The “Last Call” covers another example of a Michigan MAGA Republican bobbing-and-weaving when cornered on whether or not they’d support a national abortion ban if elected to the U.S. Senate. But make no mistake. Every MAGA Republican wants to ban all abortion care, and contraception, in order to show how government can control and limit the freedom for women.

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Click here to visit Mothering Justice, and learn more about the fantastic work they do on a daily basis.

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Photo: “Michigan State Capitol” by the.laus is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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