Episode 93: Democratic Rep. Carrie Rheingans On Keeping Michigan Trifecta Blue

Here’s Episode 93 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

00:00-17:10: Pat’s talks about the debate within Michigan’s Democratic Party on whether or not President Joe Biden should step aside in the 2024 campaign. He repeats his take that Biden should step aside for the good of democracy. If he doesn’t, he hopes Joe proves him wrong! But what Pat really wants the most is for Democrats to go on offense this election! They can do that by using Governor Whitmer’s role in the Biden-Harris campaign to illustrate how Michigan Democrats have controlled the narrative by passing many popular policies that voters like! And talk more about the right-wing Christian Nationalist “Project 2025” wishlist if Trump gets back into power.

17:43-40:13: Pat’s interview with Democratic State Representative Carrie Rheingans from the 47th House District, which contains parts of Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County to the eastern parts of Jackson County. They talk about her unique district, and how growing-up in rural Michigan helps her connect with many of her constituents in both the cities and rural areas. She also talks about her push to lower high housing and renting costs. They also discuss her work on getting Michigan to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. And Rep. Rheingans shares her thoughts on how Democrats can retain their majority in the state House.

Photo Courtesy State Rep. Carrie Rheingans

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41:00-47:07: The Left of Lansing “Last Call” covers a new government report on how pharmacy middlemen known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) a destroying competition in the pharmacy sector, leading to higher drug prices. PBM’s decide which drugs are covered, and decide how much they reimburse pharmacies. And thanks to this anti-capitalist practice, pharmacies are shuttering their doors across the country, especially in rural areas.

47:31-49:33: Conclusion

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