Michigan Republicans Want To Feed The Virus To Save Trump

I’ve read complaints on social media about not being allowed to paint, or fertilize lawns. And look, I get it. It’s frustrating right now. I usually take my lawn mower to a local shop for a tune-up every Spring. Well, I’m obviously not able to do that right now, and I’m hoping the mower will start later this week. The grass is getting long!

Frustrations are growing due in-part that we’ve never had our lives turned upside-down like this in some 100 years. We’re missing our daily conveniences that we took for granted. I’m missing tennis, and my local bars. Many other Michiganders are missing other daily activities that gave them joy, like fishing, for example.

But we are living in the middle of a pandemic that’s killed nearly 40,000 Americans as of this posting. In fact, the virus has not only killed so many people in a short period of time, it has also infected hundreds of thousands across country.

And I get the frustration that we aren’t allowed to visit parts of big box stores, like the paint section. However, we have other outlets to find those products.

We can visit our local hardware stores to pick-up such supplies. There’s paint, fertilizer, yard waste bags, batteries, lint-catchers for your sink, etc., which are all available at our local hardware stores. I found all of those items at my local hardware store. Yes, painting, in itself, hasn’t been proven to spread COVID-19, but visiting stores packed with people greatly increases the risk of becoming infected. That’s why Governor Whitmer’s order is not allowing big box stores to sell certain products. It’s all in the name to limit exposure. Conversely, hardware stores are smaller, and less people visit them. Yes, there’s still a risk of picking-up the virus while visiting a hardware store, but that risk is reduced with less people.

Yes, a good paint-job helps brighten up a room, office, garage, or house, no doubt. But paint isn’t essential to life at this time. Public health officials study this stuff for a living. I don’t think they arbitrarily just pick things out-of-a-hat and say, “this is closed, but this is not closed.”

As RN Julia Pulver explained last week, starving the virus is the best hope Michigan’s got if we hope to return somewhat back to normal in the future:

Viruses need a live host to survive. That host is you and me. Our only chance now, in the absence of abundant testing (which is needed to focus isolation efforts), cure or vaccine, is to starve the virus to death. The only way to do that is by staying away from each other.

Every time we interact with each other, occupy the same spaces, or act as a link in the chain, we feed that virus. According to the New York Times, epidemiologists say, “If you could wave a magic wand and make everyone freeze in place for two weeks, sitting six feet apart from one another, this thing would sputter to a halt.” Clearly we haven’t done that, nor could we. So we will need to do the best we can, which is exactly what we’re doing. Gov. Whitmer quickly and wisely implemented measures that are designed to be a broadsword against this disease. Since we did not have rapid testing when this infection was first detected back at the end of 2019, we could not narrow the need for quarantine and provide swift assistance to specific areas like we have for other epidemics. We are now being forced to bite the bullet, and implement these wide sweeping measures in order to protect life. I wish the federal government had taken these quick and decisive actions to prevent the horrible situation we are in, but wishing won’t get us out of this situation. All we can do is limit our contact with each other as much as possible, give our front line workers the protections they need, and respect this very clear and present danger to everyone in our community.


Julia is also running for Michigan’s 39th State Representative seat, and we could really use her expertise and common sense approach in Lansing as opposed to the dangerous ideas proposed by Lansing’s Republican Leadership.

In order to open things up, we need the federal government to do a better job at providing more testing across the country. The more we test, the better idea we get of where we could perhaps slowly open-up local economies across the state, and across the country. Without expanded testing, all of these arguments of what should or should not be opened is a moot exercise.

Additionally, instead of the federal reserve pushing trillions of dollars for Wall Street, perhaps we should be pushing our leaders in Washington to provide more money for small businesses. And we should demand that chain restaurants can’t get that money while independent restaurant owners get left behind.

These are the real solutions that will help society.

Predictably, the Devos family is fighting to divide Michiganders by telling Dear Leader’s Cult to blame the Democratic woman governor for our current situation rather than blame Dear Leader, himself.

The Devos family, and other right-wing interests including the nutty Chamber of Commerce Rich Studley, don’t care about the science. They don’t care about protecting workers. They only care about corporate interests, and protecting Dear Leader’s image.

Do you think Rich Studley cares about workers’ health? If he did, he’d be fighting to protect them, not expose them. Of course, Studley also fought against paid-sick time for workers, and to drug-test Michiganders on Medicaid. His disdain for working Michiganders is well-documented.

But Studley and his anti-worker rights’ elitists hope Dear Leader’s believers ignore those unpleasant realities.

So, they encourage believers to hold demonstrations against Governor Whitmer’s actions designed to protect them from severe illness, or death. They push believers to fear not the virus that’s killed almost 2400 of their fellow Michiganders, but to fear that life is really ending because we can’t…paint.

Oh, yes, and Studley has no problem celebrating the fact that many at that demonstration in Lansing last week refused to adhere to social distancing rules. He loves watching others get sick while pushing his anti-worker message.

Eclectablog’s LOLGOP did great a job reminding us how Whitmer’s order to deny some from visiting their second home in northern Michigan was actually first proposed by Republican politicians!

Of course, since Whitmer followed their advice, they criticize her for following said advice.

Do you really believe had Whitmer taken no action, and just sat-back while thousands of Michiganders perished from COVID-19, that Senate Majority Leader Mike “Bat Shit Insane” Shirkey, Studley, Devos, and other right-wing forces would’ve applauded her for keeping the economy open?

You know better.

And LOLGOP highlighted how groups like the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom fund are led by a political operative of the Devos family. They are the groups that spearheaded the Lansing rally. To think Education Secretary Betsy Devos had zero insight into this effort is ludicrous.

Thankfully, the polls seem to show a majority of Americans agree with Whitmer’s, and other governors, who’ve taken shelter-at-home steps to slow the spread of the virus.

Because again, starving the virus is are best hope since we don’t have a cure, and widespread testing is non-existent.

Studley, Devos, and other corporate right-wing forces understand those facts, believe me. And due to Dear Leader’s lack of leadership early-on, they need some people willing to risk death for Dear Leader. They need people willing to work.


As LOLGOP explains:

Instead of aiming to sink Obama’s presidency, the goal here is to save Trump’s. If you believe, as some suggest, that it will take six months for the economy to recover from the shock of Covid-19, you need to begin “reopening” by May 1 to see a resurgence by November 1, days before the election.

It’s going to get ugly in the next two weeks.

Michigan Republicans are willing to feed the virus just so they can save Dear Leader’s presidency.

That’s what we’re up against.


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