Episode 74: Fighting to move Delta County forward w/ Kelli van Ginhoven

Here’s episode 74 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

As we’ve seen in our state, elections have consequences, especially on the state and local state side! I talk about how within a year, Michigan Democrats passed some much-needed legislation to move the state forward in terms of women’s reproductive rights, worker rights, union rights, setting-up a robust clean energy future, and protecting family farms. But despite those victories, Christian Nationalists within the Republican Party want to roll all of that back, and could possibly do that if we lose this November.

I turn my focus on what’s happening in the Upper Peninsula county of Delta because as we’ve seen happen in other counties across the state, the extreme right wing grabbed control of the Delta County Commission. But as we’ve seen in Ottawa County, activists in Delta County didn’t sit back and allow their government to fall into extremism. Through hard work and networking, they got recall elections in place against three of those right-wing Republican county commissioners, and those races take place this May.

One of the candidates running for those seats in the recall is Democrat Kelli VanGinhoven. Kelli’s also the co-founder of Delta County Citizens For Ethical Leadership. She joins me to describe what’s been happening in Delta County, and to explain why she and many others joined forces to push-back and get a recall on the ballot. Please, click here to help Kelli in her fight to move Delta County forward.

Kelli van Ginhoven–District 4 Democratic candidate for the Delta County Commission

I bookend my talk with Kelli on highlighting the importance of local elections, and how they not only help improve your own community, but by winning local races, it’ll help spread sanity and common sense throughout the entire state.

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Click here to donate to Kelli VanGinhoven’s campaign to win the District 4 Delta County Commission recall race this May.

Delta County Citizens for Ethical Leadership

Candidates hope to unseat commissioners in Delta County.” By Barbara Bellinger of WLUC, TV6

Michigan Just Became the Fi rst State in 6 Decades to Scrap an Infamous Anti-Union Law.” By John Nichols of The Nation

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Major Alabama hospital stops IVF treatment after court rules embryos are children.” By Samantha Ladson of Politico

Donald Trump’s “drill, baby drill” energy statement (courtesy of ACYN on X)

Heritage Foundation’s “consequentiality of sex” remarks.

Photo: “County Road I-39 Rapid River bridge, Delta County, Michigan. Built 1916” by Yooperann is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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