Friday Short: Why Christian Nationalists Push For Abortion, Contraception, IVF, and Fun Sex Bans

Here’s this week’s LoL Friday Short!

Last week, the Christian Nationalist Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embroys used in in vitro fertilization are “children.”

This is just another step in the attack on women’s reproductive rights.

It’s just not a national abortion ban these extremists are pushing. They want a ban on contraception, IVF, and also a ban on recreational sex.

They want to be the fun police.

They want to tell us, but especially women, how they must live their lives, including in the bedroom.

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Alabama’s targeting of IVF is the Christian right’s attempt to control motherhood.” By Amanda Marcotte of Salon

Republican legislators push bills requiring government to collect reasons for abortion.” By Kelcie Moseley-Morris in Michigan Advance

Alabama court ruled frozen embryos are children. Experts explain potential impacts to IVF treatment.” By Sara Moniuszko of CBS News

Michigan Republican State Rep. Josh Shriver tweet praising Alabama Supreme Court ruling

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