Episode 75: Polluter Pay 2.0 w/ Sean McBrearty of Clean Water Action Michigan

Here’s the 75th episode of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast.

We’ve covered the ways Michigan Democrats are protecting the state’s environment, and building a cleaner and more affordable energy future for both our environment and economy. Democrats also repealed the “No stricter than federal” law, which Republicans passed in 2018 that prevented the state from enacting stronger environmental protections.

But if they’d like to put an exclamation on how much they put the environment above corporate greed, the Democratic majority must pass a renewed Polluter Pay bill! In 1991, lawmakers passed a polluter pay bill, making it mandatory for current and former landowners to clean up contaminated sites. But state Republicans overturned most of that bill, including the removal of holding corporations accountable for the sites they contaminated. Today, we’ve got over 24,000 contaminated sites, and taxpayers are paying for most of it. Democrats have unveiled a new, Polluter Pay bill, which would begin holding corporations accountable for polluting our land, air, and water. Sean McBrearty, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action, joins me to discuss this new bill, and why Democrats must pass it this year.

Please, click here to learn more about Polluter Pay 2.0, and how you can help.

Sean McBrearty, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action

Also in this episode, the extreme Christian Nationalist majority on the Ottawa County Commission suffers a humiliating defeat in its crusade to fire the county’s health administrator.

And in my “Last Call,” I explain my vote in the Michigan Democratic Primary, and why Democrats should NOT dismiss those who chose to vote “uncommitted.”

And special thanks to my good friends at Progress Michigan for helping-out with this episode.

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Photo: Pine River Dam in Alma by Pat Johnston

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