Episode 76: The History of White Christian Nationalism w/ Dr. Sara Moslener

It’s episode 76 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Lots of material in this week’s episode, including Pat’s examination of new Michigan GOP chair Pete Hoekstra’s record as a former congressman, ambassador, Tea Party founder, Trump-backer, and lobbyist. Sure, Pete Hoekstra doesn’t believe in demonic possession unlike his predecessor (at least, he hasn’t publicly said he does) but there’s no ideological daylight between Hoekstra and the now-ousted chair, Kristina Karamo. In fact, Pat has more information about Pete Hoekstra’s past than he could talk about on the show this week. Click here for more!

Then, Pat continues to delve into the White Christian Nationalist movement, which is taking over the Republican Party, both in Michigan, and across the country. And if Donald Trump wins this Fall, the Christian Nationalists will gain more power than we could ever imagine just a decade ago. Dr. Sara Moslener is a researcher, writer, and lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Anthropology, and Religion at Central Michigan University. Dr. Moslener is the author of “Virgin Nation: Sexual Purity and American Adolescence,” and she hosted an eight-part docu-series podcast called, “Pure White.” She joins Pat to discuss history of White Christian Nationalism, and how it’s steeped in the white culture myth that’s prevalent in our nation’s history.

Dr. Sara Moslener of CMU’s Dept. of Philosophy, Anthropology, and Religion. Photo courtesy of saramoslener.com

Finally, Pat’s “Last Call” takes Gaza protesters to task for choosing to attack progressive allies while refusing to protest Donald Trump and his White Christian Nationalist followers. And remember, Pat voted “Uncommitted” in last week’s primary.

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‘Pure White’ examines the white supremacist origins of Evangelical Purity Culture.” By Emma Cieslik of Religion Dispatches

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 “Muslim Migration Into Europe: Eurabia Come True?” Pete Hoekstra’s spews lies about politicians and cars being burned in the Netherlands. (Hoekstra is the first speaker)

Michigan GOP Senate candidate Mike Rogers’ tweet about China

Jeff Timmer response to Mike Rogers’ tweet about China and Pete Hoekstra’s lobbying days with a Chinese-based company

Critic of Chinese battery plant in Michigan once lobbied for Chinese lumber company.” By Craig Mauger of The Detroit News (via the New Brunswick News)

Who is Pete Hoekstra? Meet the Trump ambassador in fight for Michigan GOP.” By Jonathan Oosting of Bridge Magazine

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Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition tweet on DTE influence in Lansing

Gaza Protesters engage Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Thanks to Rachel Bitecofer)

Photo: “american motocross” by BruceTurner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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